Venice Cruise and Activities

Venice cruise vacationers have a great deal to see as they experience all of the great activities that the city has to offer.


Rialto Bridge in the Evening


Venice, the famed floating city of Northern Italy, is known by many names, including “The Queen of the Adriatic,” “The City of Water,” “The City of Bridges,” and “The City of Lights.”


Believed to have begun when Ancient Romans living in nearby cities and the undefended countryside fled invading hordes of Germanic and Hun invaders, Venice was originally a provincial fishing town. It is said that the true official founding of Venice is marked by the dedication of San Giacomo, the first church in the city.


Visiting San Giacomo is just one of many Venice activities that visitors to the city get to experience. In fact, Venice cruise vacationers often enjoy a large number of sights and activities.


Many prefer to take tours of the city. Venice canal boat tours and walking tours are both available and can be organized by Venice cruise staff. Others tend to explore all that the city has to offer on their own.


Venice Cruise Gondola Water Taxi


Gondola water taxis take tourists around the city, often including a melodious serenade as you float down the passageway-streets. Take a walk across the Rialto Bridge, grab an espresso at one of the outdoor cafes at the Piazza San Marco, or check out the famous Horses of Saint Mark captured from the Byzantine Empire in the Fourth Crusade.


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