Travel to Hawaii for Your Cruise Vacation

Hawaii is a world renowned vacation location. From hula dancers to volcanoes to island resorts, your Hawaii cruise vacation will take you and your family on an adventure to the essence of tropical life.


Food, fun, and sun are the three primary ingredients when you board your travel cruise in Hawaii.


Hawaii cruise vacations can consist of any or all of the eight major islands. Each is volcanic, and was born out of at least one primary volcano. Despite their similarities, the islands all have a distinct personality with unique climates and attractions.


Hawaiian Island

Local Name

Highest Elevation Population
O'ahu The Gathering Place 4,003 ft 952,207
Hawai'i The Big Island 13,796 ft 185,079
Maui The Valley Isle 10,023 ft 144,444
Kaua'i The Garden Isle 5,243 ft 66,921
Moloka'i The Friendly Isle 4,961 ft 7,345
Lana'i The Pineapple Isle 3,366 ft 3,135
Ni'ihau The Forbidden Isle 1,250 ft 170
Kaho'olawe The Target Isle 1,483 ft 0


The uniqueness of each has been attracting people to book travel cruises in Hawaii for ages because vacationers know they will experience many different things all within close proximity of one another.


Hawaii Cruise Vacation Surfing


Hawaii cruise vacations are exciting and flexible. On just one trip, you might go sailing, cruise by the dramatic cliffs of Kauai's Napali Coast, and sun bathe at the bustling Waikiki Beach on Honolulu. Once you finish those activities, you might even bike from the summit of Maui's Haleakala Crater to the bottom of the volcano or taste some of the world's best coffee in the verdant hills above Kona.



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