European Cruise Vacation

Europe’s landscapes vary greatly between region, country, and even city. On your European cruise vacation, you will experience delectable food, distinct cultures, and scenery that is renowned across the globe.



Including Rome, Barcelona, Venice, and dozens of others, European cruise ports range from historic Mediterranean cities to the northernmost point of Western Europe in Norway. Cruise vacationers can experience the aurora borealis in the Arctic Circle, lounge at the beaches of Southern Spain, or take a journey behind the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe.


European Cruise Vacations in Norway


European cruise vacationers will have the opportunity to participate in water activities such as sea kayaking in the Fjords or water taxis in Venice. On sightseeing excursions, you will be able to experience the ruins of Ancient Rome and Greece, the epic stonemasonry of the medieval Dubrovnik, or the summer palaces of St. Petersburg.



No single European cruise vacation can bring you to all of the great travel locations in the area. From Paris to Oslo to London, reaching as far east as Cyprus, Europe’s ports offer extensive options for adventures, activities, sightseeing.


European Cruise Vacations - Marbella


European ports are serviced by all of the best cruise lines, including Carnival, Princess, Norwegian, Holland America, and many more.


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