Panama Canal Cruise Vacation

The Panama Canal is a manmade water crossing to transport ships to and from the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Oceans. It stretches 48 miles, and has ferried more than 815,000 vessels across the Straight of Magellan.


Built in 1914, the Panama Canal was first conceptualized in the early 16th century. Transiting the Panama Canal is considered to be a “must do” for any world traveler.


Photo of the First Panama Canal Cruise Vacation

Above is an image of the S.S. Kroonland traversing the Panama Canal in
1915. It was the largest passenger ship to pass through the canal to date.


The canal itself takes a little bit over 9 hours in total. Because of this duration time, Panama Canal cruise vacation visitors are left with ample time to adventure to the Caribbean or South America.


Vacationers get to explore both the manmade grandeur of the Panama Canal, as well as the natural beauty of the Caribbean or ancient Incan ruins.


The Panama Canal is great in all seasons, so cruise ships travel to the region year-round. Panama Canal cruise vacations also give passengers the opportunity to see the tallest waterfall in the world located in Venezuela, sunbathe on Caribbean beaches, and swim in the Pacific the following day.


Panama Canal Cruise Vacation - Gatun Locks


Prior to the existence of the Panama Canal, boats took perilous weeks to travel around South America. Today, the canal allows ships to make the journey in just a matter of hours, despite being raised as much as 85 feet in order to reach the waterways on the other side.


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