Oceania (Australia & New Zealand) Cruise Vacations

Australia and New Zealand cruise vacations allow visitors to explore traditional Aboriginal locations, exotic wildlife, and the true outback spirit. New Zealand cruises, you may recognize the spectacular landscapes from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.


New Zealand Cruise Vacation - Golum's Pool


Vacationers experience everything from lush jungles to dry desert to snow-capped mountains. The area also is the home to the world's longest reef, and seasons reverse of the northern hemisphere.


Since the seasons are upside-down, the northern hemisphere’s winter is the southern hemisphere’s summer. This makes our winter the perfect time to visit Oceania. That being said, the climate is relatively temperate year-round.


Visit world renowned shops in the cities of Auckland and Christchurch, and don’t miss Sydney's world-famous opera house, kayak along deserted beaches, or the wildlife in Tasmania.


Several zoos in the area give visitors the chance to feed, pet, or even hold their favorite Australian animals, such as Koalas, large birds, or kangaroos.


Today, Melbourne is considered one of the street art capitals of the world. Some of the famous graffiti is even protected by the city!


No Australia or New Zealand cruise vacation is complete without snorkeling or scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef.


Australia Cruise Vacation Great - Barrier Reef


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