Norwegian Cruise Line’s Loyalty Cruise Program

Norwegian Cruise Line revealed their new plans for a revitalized loyalty cruise program. The company, which has experienced steadily increasing shareholders value for the last 3 years, announced that the 16-year-old program would be replaced with one which offers further perks and benefits to those who plan their luxury cruise ship with NCL.

The newly named Latitudes Rewards cruise program, rewards customers with one point for every night they spend on one of Norwegian’s 11 vacation cruise ships. Until now, customers have gotten one point for each cruise taken, no matter its length.

The change, which has been leaking out on cruise fan message boards for several days, alters the valuation of customers tendencies. Those who sail regularly on seven-night or longer Norwegian trips will accumulate more points and reach elite status faster than those sailing on shorter three- and four-night sailings.

Norwegian Cruise Line also says that customers who book a suite, book nine months or more in advance, or book one of the line’s monthly Latitudes Rewards Insider offers will earn additional reward points.

Norwegian Cruise Line has also announced that they continue their tiered membership program based on points earned through the company loyalty program. Each tier grants customers access to various extra levels of additional perks, such as treats delivered to one’s room or free bonuses.

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