A Taste of South Africa



A Taste of South Africa

By: Silversea

The sweet aroma of barbecue (or braai, as it’s called in Afrikaans) permeated the outdoor air as Silver Whisper, sailing on her 115-day World Cruise, hosted a special poolside lunch on Wednesday that gave guests a chance to sample authentic South African cuisine before the ship departed East London.


The culinary tradition of South Africa is rich and varied, and reflects not only its African roots, but its historical connection with Dutch, British, Malaysian, Indian and other cultures, resulting in uniquely flavourful delicacies.


As it so happens, Silver Whisper’s very own executive chef, Anne-Mari Cornelius (pictured above), hails from South Africa and was delighted to personally introduce our guests to the fascinating cuisine of her homeland.


Presiding over the barbecue, Chef Anne-Mari skillfully cooked up such local delicacies as boerewors (pronounced bor-eh-vors ). This homemade sausage — whether served with a traditional porridge called pap (pronounced pop), or a sweet and spicy chakalaka sauce, or placed in a bun in the style of a hot dog — is a signature food cherished throughout the African nation.


Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a few bottles of Mrs H.S. Ball’s Original Chutney on hand, also a popular accompaniment for boerewors, or any braai. Probably the most famous South African chutney, it’s made in Johannesburg using a 19th-century recipe of dried fruits and spices. A favourite among South Africans living abroad and looking for a taste of home, it’s exported to England, Germany, Britain, New Zealand and Australia.


And what South African barbecue would be complete without a few handcrafted ritual dolls to adorn the table? The ones pictured above are from the Ndebele tribe. Their presence created an atmosphere of authenticity and a connection with Africa’s spiritual heritage that we hope resulted in a culinary experience that was not just culturally enriching for our World Cruise guests, but maybe a bit enchanting.

Planning a Cruise Vacation

Planning your cruise vacation can be complicated if you have never done so before. There are so many companies offering so many different types of cruises. So how can you decide who to go with?

A variety of factors should play into your eventual decision, but we feel that asking yourself these few basic questions can really help you through the process!

  1. Who is going on the cruise?
  2. How much are you looking to spend on the trip?
  3. How long will your vacation be?
  4. When will you travel?
  5. Where would you like to go?
  6. What types of activities would you like to do?
  7. What type of quarters and accommodations do you require?
  8. When do you tend to eat dinner?
  9. Do you enjoy dressing up?
  10. How will you get to the cruise ship?

Answering these questions should be a good jumping off point from which to plan your cruise vacation and create your detailed itinerary. Once you have established these parameters, go back to Best Holiday Cruises Booking page for our hassle free search database which can guide you through the cruise booking and planning process.

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Norwegian Cruise Line’s Loyalty Cruise Program

Norwegian Cruise Line revealed their new plans for a revitalized loyalty cruise program. The company, which has experienced steadily increasing shareholders value for the last 3 years, announced that the 16-year-old program would be replaced with one which offers further perks and benefits to those who plan their luxury cruise ship with NCL.

The newly named Latitudes Rewards cruise program, rewards customers with one point for every night they spend on one of Norwegian’s 11 vacation cruise ships. Until now, customers have gotten one point for each cruise taken, no matter its length.

The change, which has been leaking out on cruise fan message boards for several days, alters the valuation of customers tendencies. Those who sail regularly on seven-night or longer Norwegian trips will accumulate more points and reach elite status faster than those sailing on shorter three- and four-night sailings.

Norwegian Cruise Line also says that customers who book a suite, book nine months or more in advance, or book one of the line’s monthly Latitudes Rewards Insider offers will earn additional reward points.

Norwegian Cruise Line has also announced that they continue their tiered membership program based on points earned through the company loyalty program. Each tier grants customers access to various extra levels of additional perks, such as treats delivered to one’s room or free bonuses.

Best Holiday Cruises provides a world-class cruise directory and resources. Find a perfect holiday, luxury, or family cruise for your vacation.